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No Powerpoints.

Only Powerful Conversations.

The Linkage 20 Conversations

Date: TBD

Shanghai, China

This is an exclusive by-invitation-only program.

China is going to be, what I call it, a core curriculum for any educated person,

any person who wants to be the global leader of their field.

- Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman & CEO of Blackstone Group

An Exclusive Program For Senior leaders

The most impactful learning comes from powerful conversations, not classrooms - conversations that inspire new ideas, deliver keen insight, and reinvent thought patterns to revolutionize the way you think and lead.


The Linkage 20 Conversations distills the best of learning experiences in executive education and eliminates boring classroom time and ineffective lectures. It is uniquely developed for CEOs and C-level executives who have done it all – the MBA, the advanced management program, the leadership course, the immersion experience – and still want more.


Be prepared to engage in rich conversations on the ecology of China’s business environment.

Look forward to twenty 90-minute conversations over 5 days, with undivided attention from top academics, researchers and practitioners from best universities in China, including:


★ Fudan University ★ Peking University ★ Tsinghua University ★ Tongji University

★ Shanghai Jiao Tong University ★ Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE)

★ Shanghai University ★ China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)


Program Benefits

The Linkage 20 Conversations is uniquely designed for C-level executives looking to achieve breakthrough global leadership by developing the set of necessary skills to navigate complexity and thrive in the globalized world. Co-produced by Linkage and Fudan School of Economics, this one-week program provides a groundbreaking approach for global leaders to solving the elusive China equation, by focusing on two areas of importance:

  • the business landscape in China;

  • leadership requirements for the future.


Power of the program is derived from real conversations about real problems faced by real leaders.

In this program, you will: 

  1. Interact closely with and draw breakthrough ideas from some of the world’s leading faculty and chief executives

  2. Tackle real-life business problems with like-minded professionals

  3. Challenge and enhance their existing mental models on leadership

  4. Translate insights and thought leadership into practical business applications in China

  5. Build on existing knowledge and understanding of China’s business, social economic and political landscape, and future leadership requirements for global leaders


Program Agenda

- Applying The China Leadership Equation -

Broader Perspectives








Day 1: China Overview

  • Overview of China Economy

  • Combining Leadership Strategy with Business Opportunities in Emerging Markets: BRICS

  • The China Landscape: History, Culture & Social Transformation


Day 2: Globalization I

  • Navigating Complexity in a Globalized World

  • Global Literacies

  • Outside-in: How Global Companies Capture the Market Opportunities in China

  • Globalization That Works


Day 3: Globalization II

  • Leading and Driving Change in Uncertainty

  • Managing the Grey

  • Inside-out: How Chinese Companies Grow to Compete in International Markets

  • Future Trends of the Global Network


Day 4: Broader Perspectives

  • Wearing Multiple Lenses to View the World

  • Managing the Red

  • Transformation: How State-Owned Enterprises in China Successfully Transform Themselves

  • Transformational Leadership in Global Landscape


Day 5: Innovation

  • Building and Leveraging Innovation to Thrive and Survive

  • Managing the Blue

  • New/Novel: How Chinese Entrepreneurs Innovate and Improve in the Global Market

  • Managing the White



Program Testimonials

I enjoyed sharing experiences with a very high-quality group of people and Linkage did a terrific job facilitating excellent dialogues.” 

—  Ted Gaffney, Formerly EVP Biz Dev & Corp Strategic Planning,

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. (BTMU) (USA)

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