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Leaders are the driving force behind your most important asset—your people. At Linkage, we believe that leaders are not born; they are made from their experiences. Everyone, regardless of their role, can continually develop into a more effective leader.

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For more than 30 years, Linkage has been changing the face of leadership. Through our work with more than one million leaders, we continue to evolve our leadership data, insights and frameworks, empowering leading organizations to solve their most vexing leadership challenges. From developing effective, purposeful leaders to advancing women and creating cultures of inclusion, we guide our clients with proven Solutions to create transformative change.

"We link all that we do, all that we learn, all that we hear from our clients and the marketplace, and all the results that we drive. We do this to tailor solutions that engage and accelerate the growth and learning of people, develop their leadership capabilities, and consequently, ensure their success."

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Linkage Research

Purposeful Leadership

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Linkage's research on purposeful leadership Discover the five commitments every leader must make to themselves and their teams if they want to achieve true success.

Women Leadership

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Linkage’s latest research shows that race and ethnicity have a substantial effect on how women leaders assess themselves—and how others assess them.

Inclusive Leadership

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Why the most effective leaders are also the most inclusive leaders? Linkage publishes new research showing a direct correlation between inclusion and effectiveness.

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