Asian Leadership Advancement

Linkage has decades of experience and expertise in supporting organisations and leaders in Asia including multinational organisations operating in Asia. We understand the unique set of challenges as well as opportunities faced by Asian leaders. We commit to develop and accelerate the leadership capabilities of the best Asian leadership talent through our Asian Leadership Advancement solutions.

Research on global multinational companies consistently show an under-representation of Asian leaders in top leadership positions. The advancement of Asian leaders to the top posts in Fortune 500 companies is nowhere near being on par with the phenomenal scaling of emerging markets in Asia, the growing education standards in Asian societies, nor the stellar academic results which Asian students are reputed to have all across the world.

Grappling with a unique set of challenges faced by Asian leaders, organisations foresee a sizeable opportunity in developing a more robust Asian leadership pipeline. Whether the challenges stem from a common set of cultural values across different Asian ethnicities (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Southeast Asian descent), or from organisational or market dynamics, the Asian leadership gap is real and persists. As Asia is gaining the center position in the global economy, organisations will need a robust Asian leadership pipeline to better leverage Asia-advantages and win in the global market.

What Linkage has found about the 'bamboo ceiling' faced by

asian leaders

asian leadership barriers include both

organisational challenges and individual struggles

Asian culture & values limit career advancement opportunities

Perception of Self and Lack of self-promotion and branding

Lack of Structural Supports, Sponsors & Network


Common stereotypes of Asian leaders

Shortage of Asian Leaders in Talent pipeline of Organisations

Linkage Research Findings

Based on Linkage’s extensive database from conducting the 360-degree Leadership Assessment Instrument (LAI), we have identified 64,000 data points based on raters’ feedback of total of 5,000 participants belonging to the following ethnic groups – Chinese, Japanese and Korean (Asians) and Westerners. We have found key differences in individual rating of self and external raters between the above mentioned groups.


Linkage Approach to

asian leadership advancement

By understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of Asian leaders, Linkage commits to helping organisations develop and accelerate the leadership capabilities of their best Asian talent through our Asian Leadership Advancement Program (A-LAP). This program is specially designed to meet the unique challenges of Asian leaders based on rigorous research data.


Our featured “A-S-I-A-N” framework – Aware, Strategic, Influential, Assertive and Networked - targets the biggest need areas of Asian leaders with the ultimate goal of helping them build connectivity to their leadership context and environment.

Moving forward, Linkage aspires to help individual Asian leaders and their organisations tap into the wealth of leadership capabilities which has thus far not been fully realised. We are confident that with the A-LAP and Linkage’s deep consulting expertise in leadership and organisational development over the last 30 years, we will be able to meet those needs.

The “A-S-I-A-N” Leadership Framework

Asian Leadership framework.png

A Holistic Approach for Asian Leadership Advancement

Every organisation is unique and its state also changes over time. Prior to designing and customising the Asian Leadership Advancement Program (A-LAP) for your organisation, we will conduct a number of Diagnostic activities in order to gain understanding of the organisation's needs, leadership agenda as well as leadership development gaps of targeted leaders. From there, we will customise the program design and approach, develop program features and deliver an impactful leadership program for your Asian talent. We are ready to support your organisation to address both leadership development and organisational development needs.


Linkage's approach in designing an impactful Asian Leadership Advancement Program consists of 3 elements:


Empowering Asian Leaders to Rise to their Full Leadership Potential


advance your asian leadership talent 

Let us support you to bring out the best of your Asian Leadership talent and build a sustainable pipeline for the future. 

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