Advancing Women Leaders 360° Assessment Certification Program   



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Please note that participants must have a strong grasp of coaching fundamentals and experience debriefing a 360° assessment.



Who should attend


& Outcomes

Program curriculum

To impact greatly, women leaders need to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and take actions according to that self-knowledge. Insights from coaching are often the key to helping women leaders impact greatly—as long as that coach has the right tools at hand. Linkage’s AWL 360° Assessment Certification puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to administering this powerful, research-based tool for women leaders.

  • Talent development professionals seeking to empower their coachees with the foundational data needed to create substantive results 

  • Talent development teams seeking to build internal proficiency with the Advancing Women Leaders 360° Assessment and the Linkage process

  • Organizations looking to equip their in-house talent development professionals with the ability to debrief 360° assessments and leverage Linkage’s assessments at scale

Coaches who complete the certification will be versed in:

  • Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders model and the research behind it

  • Mastering the Inner Critic and the 7 hurdles women face in the workplace

  • How to talk to your coachees about the model and assessment, and unpack our proprietary report and the elements included

  • Strategic ways to approach the debrief with your coachees, and questions to engage them in their own self-discovery

  • How to leverage the 360° assessment with your coachees in building the competencies to advance their careers


Pre-work | Prepare for the course

  • Take the Advancing Women Leaders Self-Assessment

  • Read the Advancing Women Leaders White Paper

  • Read the Advancing Women Leaders Technical Paper

1-Day Workshop | Dive into the coursework

  • AWL Model Overview

  • "Mastering Your Inner Critic" by Susan Brady

  • Explore What High Achieving Women Really Want

  • Coaching to the AWL 360°: Debrief Strategies and Process Overview

Complete Certification | Start applying the insights

  • Take a quiz on the AWL 360° Assessment

  • Conduct debrief with at least 3-5 coachees using the AWL 360° assessment report within next 3 months


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