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Organizations in the top quartile for ethnic and cultural diversity are 35% more likely to post better financial performance.*

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Change leadership & transition

It Isn’t Just About Process —It’s About People

In business, change is a constant, and it tends to come with good intentions and good reason. But if your organizational culture doesn’t keep your teams ready to implement and support change, you’re likely to meet resistance—not to mention a loss of productivity and morale. Create stronger, more resilient teams by taking the human approach to change and transition management.


Change is an odd thing—it is necessary, yet can also be both good and bad. While it fixes organizational issues and allows for growth, it also disrupts the norm, potentially causing distress among the team. However, organizations that manage organizational change and transition properly can alleviate the bad, and turn change into an opportunity for organizational improvement as well as team growth and resilience.

Our customized solutions and advisory services focus on developing content to meet your organizational goals. This could mean customized or off-the-shelf assessments, individual or blended courses on an array of topics ranging from Change Leadership to Individual Organizational Transition, team-based programs, train-the-trainer programs, and any other number of hands-on learning opportunities to successfully manage organizational change.

Regardless of your specific path, your change leadership program will follow our six-step methodology:

  1. Make the case for change

  2. Enlist stakeholders to develop a vision

  3. Communicate the vision

  4. Remove barriers

  5. Set milestones and acknowledge progress

  6. Reinforce the change


As is the case with all of our Change and Transition services, our customized organizational solutions take a “human approach,” recognizing the value and importance of focusing on the individuals that make your organization a success.

Change is inevitable - is your team ready? 

How to Effectively Lead Across Difference?

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Global Learning Initiative drives 57% promotion of senior women 


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Custom Growth Management Approach leads to significant positive behavioral changes

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Linkage Announces Groundbreaking Inclusive Organization Analysis | A process designed to equip organizations with critical benchmark data necessary to build inclusive work cultures.

April 22, 2020

Linkage's Women In Leadership Institute™ is Now Available 100% Virtually

April 15, 2020

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