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Linkage Executive Education | Two-Day Program


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Program curriculum

This workshop is designed to take place in a “lab” environment which is highly interactive and challenging for participants. You will share best practices and discuss real business cases to analyze the effectiveness of your own approach.

Experienced OD practitioners who want to add innovative OD techniques and tools to their repertoire and strengthen their ability to forge even more powerful client partnerships

  • Further develop and deepen your individual point of view as a consultant

  • Gain a clearer understanding of organizations to better identify opportunities for change

  • Proactively identify and avoid the most common derailers of your OD initiatives

  • Develop your individual action plan to broaden and focus your OD approach

  • Sharpen the metrics of your OD initiatives to improve rigor and drive business results

Module 1 |   Organizations

Module 2 |   The Consulting Process

Module 3 |   Organizational Analysis and Tools

Module 4 |   Business Scenario Planning

Module 5 |   Organizational Renewal

Module 6 |   The Consultant Role


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