At Linkage, we engage in deep and ongoing conversations with you to explore specific development needs and design scalable solutions to achieve your organizational objectives.

Over the last 30 years, Linkage partners with leaders and organizations of all sizes around Asia and across the world, in the public sector and private sector, as well as educational institutions and NGOs. 

We are privileged to have worked with many of our clients on multi-year projects, and across multiple countries and functions. We believe that becoming an impactful and purposeful leader requires a lifelong commitment to learning, adapting and changing. We are passionate about working with leaders who want to create lasting impact and positive change in their organizations, with their teams and in society.

Stories of Our Impact

Story of Impact

Accelerates Global Directors and Drives New Leadership Priorities at Lenovo

Story of Impact

Creates Purposeful Leaders with Dentsply Sirona

Story of Impact

Develops a Flagship Leadership Development Program at ICLIF

Story of Impact

Drives Organizational Transformation in a Global FMCG in Asia

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