Our Methodology

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It is Linkage’s practice to engage in a dialogue to tailor our solutions to the specific needs of individual and organizational clients

Linkage has extensive experience in customizing leadership development programs for our clients and we understand how to integrate your organization’s existing talent management, organizational development, and other leadership initiatives into a holistic leadership development agenda.

We will work closely with your organization to design and deliver the most impactful leadership and organizational development interventions.

How we Help Customize

your Leadership Interventions

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Common Challenges in Designing Leadership Development Interventions

Overlook the Context

Decouple Reflection from Real Work

Underestimate Mind-sets

Fail to Measure


Common challenges

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Our Customized Approach to

Address these Challenges

Consider Culture, Context, Complexities of Each Organization

Apply Blended Learning Approach:

 Off-site, On-the-job & Online

Create a Sustainable Process with a Variety of Learning Interventions

Constantly Review & Measure Outcomes to Ensure Relevance

Linkage Methodology

Drawing on our experience working with leaders and organizations worldwide, Linkage will assist you in the customized design, development, and implementation of your Leadership Development interventions. Our proposed methodology is a systematic 4-stage approach that will: (1) Diagnose, (2) Design, (3) Develop and (4) Deliver

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  • Conduct executive interviews with key stakeholders to collect data and identify challenges, issues and developmental needs of your organization and targeted participants

  • Analyze data and existing HR & LD practices to clarify and validate challenges and needs

01 | Diagnose

  • Design the program framework, content coverage, and high-level curriculum arrangement

  • Define and align on Blended Learning structure, overall program flow, activities and learning approach

02 | Design

03 | Develop

  • Based on the endorsed design of the program, tailor and package curriculum and content materials for the program

  • Decide on delivery options including activities, materials and delivery mechanisms such as case studies, readings, presentation, learning aids, tools, etc

03 | Develop

  • Schedule and arrange logistic preparation for program delivery

  • Deliver impactful workshops, assessments and related training activities

  • Conduct evaluation on learning outcomes and make amendments to the design and delivery of future programs

04 | Deliver

Return on Investment in Leadership Development

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We have noted that during economic challenges, investments in leadership development tend to be cut despite universal recognition in the importance of developing leaders.


Therefore, the justification for the investment in leadership development programs needs to be supported by quantifiable metrics that make sense to key decision-makers. The most valuable return on investment in leadership development occurs when the right development opportunity is provided to the right person at the right time and in the right way.

To maximize the ROI, we believe organizations need to:

  1. Have a clear and integrated roadmap for Leadership Development;

  2. Make thoughtful selection of participants based on Individual Development Plans;

  3. Ensure the design of the training is based on good diagnosis and understanding of the individual and business needs;

  4. Include a robust post-training plan that includes practice and support from a coach/mentor;

  5. Understand the trade-offs of doing local, regional and global training.


At Linkage, we know how to measure the ROI of your leadership development dollars spent, using our proven performance metrics and assessment processes. We are committed to upholding our principle of designing and delivering leadership development interventions with the focus on delivering real, measurable impacts for your organization.

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