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The most valuable return on leadership development investment occurs when the right development opportunity is provided to the right person at the right time and in the right way. 

At Linkage, our customized interventions on leadership development yield impactful opportunities like that – and provides you with high return on investment (ROI) too.  

Combining Linkage's leading-edge research and our partnership with the greatest minds and thought leaders in the field across Asia and globally, we bring to you the global best practices and customise the most effective and best fit interventions in leadership development, organizational development, and talent management for your organization.

Our customized leadership development (LD) and organizational development (OD) solutions are formed at the crossroads of Leadership, Strategy, and Culture. We partner with you to create the best fit solutions for your organization by adhering to the principles:


  1. Focused on helping leaders and organizations achieve peak performance in alignment with their strategic agenda

  2. Centered on Customized Solutions that meet specific client needs at all levels - individual, team, and organization

  3. Driven by a strong and diverse consulting team with 10-20 years of deep LD and OD experience, coming from global multinationals, management consulting firms and the public sector 

  4. Grounded in multi-channel and longitudinal research from Linkage and many leading-edge business thinkers including Warren Bennis, Marshall Goldsmith, Clayton Christensen, William Rothwell, William Bridges, Phil Harkins and more

  5. Measurable Return on Investments to determine the benefits

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Support leaders to achieve peak performance in line with their strategic agenda

Expert Consultants with years of deep LD & OD experience

Meet specific needs at Individual, Team, & Organization level

Longitudinal research

Measured for ROI

Research & Insights

Our International Faculty

“It was an eye opener and was a very different & valuable experience for most of us. The Linkage Team was very professional in conducting the faculty. With their in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, they were able to communicate across with much clarity and understanding. They were also able to get most of us to open up and share our experiences & that networking which has continued till today has been very useful. Generally this leadership program has been relevant and useful for me in discharging my duties in my newly acquired position heading the consumer bank; as well as the new challenges that come with the wider exposure & responsibilities within the Banking Group.” 

—  Tunku Ahmad Burhanuddin,
Head (Group CEO’s Office), CIMB Group

What LEADERS Say About Our Customized Solutions

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