Linkage has been specializing in leadership coaching for over 30 years, successfully guiding individuals, teams and Fortune 1000 organizations to drive behavior change in alignment with business objectives

Executive Coaching: 

Developing Leaders for High Performance

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Find out how we can support you and your organization to achieve the desired result and impact through

Executive Coaching.

Our coaches range in expertise and background from former senior leaders in a wide variety of industries to consultants who have spent a lifetime exploring, researching, and applying what it takes to develop successful and purposeful leaders.

Linkage is a global organizational development company that specializes in leadership development and leadership coaching with 30 years of experience in the field. Along the way, we have developed a defined approach to coaching leaders using the 4 A’s methodology (Agreement, Alignment, Action and Acceleration). 

We believe that the best coaching occurs within context, working with individual leaders to drive personal behavioural change against the backdrop of the business strategy and the larger team. Our Executive Coaching service pursues five benefits outlined in the below illustration.

Why Executive Coaching?
With Linkage’s Executive Coaching, you and/or your leaders will:

Team Coaching: 


Top teams, by default, are the most important teams in the organization because decision-making and strategy formulation tend to cascade from the top. Unfortunately, high-performance top teams are exceptionally rare. The key difference between average teams and exceptional teams lies in aspects of trust, ability to debate issues, commitment, accountability and clarity of goals. Great teams also have good structure, pay great attention to results and have suitable supporting processes. 

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Relevant Program:
Top Team Effectiveness Program
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Find out how we can partner with you to build a more effective top team through Team Coaching.

Why Team Coaching?
With Linkage’s Top Team Coaching, team members will:


Gain better understanding of themselves and other team members as to leverage on each other’s strengths and support one another’s areas of development


Foster trust and build rapport among team members through improved conflict management


Improve team cohesiveness and encourage more collaboration as to lead to an increase in engagement level and performance boost


Enhance the sense of top team value and clarity around top priorities which will result in improved decision making and strategic problem solving


In modern organizations, part of a business leader’s daily responsibilities includes coaching and mentoring one's teams to reach greater professional growth and organizational effectiveness that brings out higher team performance. 

Drawing our extensive experience working with organizations in leadership coaching for over 30 years, successfully guiding individuals, teams and Fortune 1000 organizations, Linkage provides:

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Leaders Certification

To work with organizations in designing and developing an integrated and comprehensive coaching and mentoring program as part of their talent development strategy. This helps to ensure consistency in coaching capabilities and processes, top quality and effectiveness in achieving maximum results.

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Leaders Certification

To support the growth of coaching practitioners (internal coaches and leaders) with Linkage’s signature coaching course.

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Leaders Certification


To equip senior leaders with mentoring skills to provide professional guidance to less experienced individuals in their career development towards successful performance.

Pioneer in

Leadership Coaching

In 2005, Linkage convened 50 top executive coaches around the world to put together some of early thinking on leadership coaching that has become the best practice. In the same year, Phil Harkins, Founder of Linkage, wrote the book ‘The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching: 50 Top Executive Coaches Reveal Their Secrets’ co-authored by Marshall Goldsmith and Howard Morgan – two of the world’s renowned coaches. The thought leadership brought together in the book continues to grow with each of the 50 individuals ceaselessly publishing their approaches and extensively growing their practices. 

To better support coaching, some key researches in leadership development are published in ‘Linkage Inc's Best Practices in Leadership Development Handbook’ (2009) written by four influential industry figures, namely Samuel M. Lam, Marshall Goldsmith, David Giber and Justin Bourke; ‘Mastering Your Inner Critic and 7 Other High Hurdles to Advancement’ (2018) written by our faculty Susan Brady and ‘Become: The Five Commitments of Purposeful Leadership’ (2019) written by our Chief Research Officer, Mark Hannum.


we can help Drive Higher performance for you and your team


It’s a journey and we know the way.

Let us join you to support you and your team

to build a more effective organization through Coaching & Mentoring.