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For today’s managers and leaders, strategy is no longer a once-a- year output from the annual business planning process. In fact, strategic thinking is an essential lens through which leaders at all levels evaluate and prioritize the daily work of the organization.

Leaders and managers who want to think strategically and lead broader strategic conversations with others

  • Recognize the intersection between organizational strategy and strategic thinking

  • Learn practical approaches for identifying key strategic issues and opportunities

  • Exercise discipline and build strategic thinking into your work regimen 

  • Sort through ambiguity and information clutter so that you can focus on what matters strategically 

  • Acquire the perspective and tools to create an environment in which you, your colleagues and key players can think and work more strategically

Module 1 |   Organizational Strategy

Module 2 |   Thinking Strategically

Module 3 |   Exploring Perspectives

Module 4 |   Discerning Significance

Module 5 |   Envisioning Possibilities

Module 6 |   Implementing Strategic Thinking


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