Top Team Effectiveness

Linkage has decades of experience and expertise in supporting senior management teams and boards of Fortune 1000 organizations in Asia and globally with our Top Team Effectiveness solutions.

Top teams by default, are the most important teams in the organization because decision and strategy-making tend to cascade from the top, and they are more exposed to wider external environments as part of their responsibilities. Unfortunately, high-performance top teams are exceptionally rare.

The key difference between average teams and exceptional teams lies in aspects of trust, ability to debate issues, commitment, accountability and clarity of goals. Great teams also have good structure, pay great attention to results and have suitable supporting processes.

What Linkage has found about developing a high-performing 

top team

Top Teams often encounter

problems unique to them

Conflict over available resources

Varying agendas within an organization – Power politics

Balancing multiple stakeholders

Adapting to external environment

Misaligned performance goals


Benefits Of Top Teams Development Interventions

Business Meeting
Benefits in 
  • Hone strategic foresight

  • Improve decision-making and strategic problem-solving

Business Office Meeting
Benefits in 
  • Enhance cross-boundary collaboration

  • Raise mutual awareness, knowledge and information sharing

  • Improve ability to handle conflict


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Business Culture
Benefits in 
  • Act as role models for other teams in the organization

  • Enhance a sense of top team value

  • Enhance clarity around top priorities

Linkage Approach to Enhance

Top Team Effectiveness

Linkage was experienced in designing a range of top team effectiveness solutions, from short-term interventions such as board retreats to longer-term engagements such as a full-fledged 2-year program that may involve active observation and participation in senior management meetings. Linkage consultants have profound experiences and the expertise to facilitate high-level discussions with senior leaders on key strategic issues that impact their organizations.

We understand that team development is a journey and any positive change within the top team will have a significant impact on the whole organization. With our in-depth expertise in leadership development and team effectiveness, we are committed to working with your senior leadership team to maximize individual performance and team effectiveness.

Top Team Effectiveness solutions

Serve our clients with Six objectives


Build self and team awareness

Build rapport and understanding between team members

Chart new directions for the organization

Re-shape the desired culture of the organization

Drive organizational transformation

Resolve team dysfunctions

Linkage Approach

In Designing Your Top Team Effectiveness Program

Every team is unique and its state also changes over time. Prior to designing a Top Team Effectiveness program, we conduct a number of Team Diagnostic activities in order to gain understanding of the top team, their team dynamics and key issues they currently face, as well as surface developmental needs of individual team members.

Linkage's approach in designing on impactful Top Team effectiveness Program consists of 3 interventions:

Day 3.3.jpg

Team Effectiveness Workshop

Allow opportunity for the Team to:

  • Agree on its collective goals

  • Identify crucial issues

  • Build a team charter

  • Enhance team rapport

Day 3.9.jpg

Team Coaching


Facilitate Team Coaching sessions to:

  • Ensure momentum for actions

  • Observe team dynamics

  • Provide feedback and coaching for achievement

Coaching 1.jpg

Individual Executive Coaching

Offer individual team members to:

  • Get support for individual needs

  • Improve self-awareness

  • Calibrate leadership behaviours towards team effectiveness

Top Team Effectiveness

Frameworks & Assessments

Depending on the team situation and context, Linkage employs a range of frameworks to help top teams increase their level of team effectiveness. We strive to be on the cutting edge of leadership ideas and research, and find the best solutions to fit our clients’ needs.

Beside our Linkage’s Team Effectiveness Assessment™ (TEA), we also have an expanded repertoire of frameworks and tools from which to draw on, and multiple “linkages” to other thought leaders and experts. Some examples of Team Effectiveness frameworks we have used include Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of Teams, Dave Logan’s Tribal Leadership, Saj-nicole Joni’s Geography of Trust, and the Myers-Briggs Team Type Analysis.

For an impactful Top Team Effectiveness program, we recommend the top team to conduct a Team Assessment during the Team Diagnostics phase and at the end of the whole program. The results of the assessment provide the team with a platform to identify and discuss issues around the team’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas where team members have significantly differing perspectives.

Linkage's Team Effectiveness Assessment™ (TEA) is one of the most comprehensive business-oriented team assessments available. Surveys that focus solely on team interactions and processes overlook key elements of team effectiveness. This assessment goes well beyond interpersonal relations; measuring organizational support, goal clarity, team diversity, learning, growth, and results. By contrasting your team results against the practice of high-performing teams, the TEA helps you generate a commitment to higher performance. 


enhance your Top Team Effectiveness


It’s a journey and we know the way.

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